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It is high summer and my eyes are filled with all manner of blue and green, but it is to Orange I am drawn. From Tilman's very personal grasp for the potential of color as light and form to Joanne Mattera's iridescent geometric surfaces described as 'lush minimalism', the aesthetics of these artists challenge, stimulate, move and satisfy.

Tilman : Expander with Urban Structure 2, The House of Art Ceske Budejovice (CZ), 2008

Rose Olson: Double Orange Left, Acrylic on Paper, 41 x 26 inches , 2005

Julian Jackson: Interior with Orange, Oil on Panel, 36 x 38 inches

John Tallman : Ssamzie Shape , mixed media , 7 x 6 inches, 2004

Joanne Mattera : Silk Road 99, Encaustic on panel, 12 x 12 inches, 2008

Rossanna Martinez : Crash Into Me, Fluorescent orange and hot pink ribbons,
Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York, NY, 2007

Steven Alexander : Sage, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 inches, 2006

Jeff Kellar: Fold 16, Resin, Clay, Wood , 7 x 7 x 4.5, 2007

Julie Gross : #115, Gouache on Paper, 16 x 16 inches, 2008 , Courtesy of Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Following is an excerpt from a conversation between Chris Ashley and Tilman,
Tilman, by Chris Ashley
MINUS SPACE, June-August 2006

CA: The color is material, first. It could be the natural color of the material, or painted, or printed, or the color is applied in some way. It’s a property of the object. Of course, color is made possible by light, but how does the color move from being a physical thing to being simply light?

T: In early Greek philosophy, light is described as the fourth element, the ether; they called it Olkas, a carrier which holds all together. That’s what I am trying to say with simply light, making a reference to this thought. So color, yes, as a material it becomes a carrier of thought, something essential, so to say.

And finally, as August steamrolls past us, Julie Gross sums it up:

"...Orange...the warmest color in the spectrum...so to use it, despite its warmth, is less assertive, more moderate than red, and more weighty & more serious than yellow..."

:: Happy Summer Days ::



nice piece
take a look at the orange works
by Juan Jose Cambre


Kate Beck said...

I like those paintings very much and they are familiar to me -- the center image

Thanks so much for reading


Fiona said...

Hi Kate
I am not wild about orange normally but you have an unerring eye for choosing very beautiful works to accompany your thoughts. I like the Jackson one, quite Rothko really, and I love the Alexander one. Wonderful summery theme.

Jeffrey Collins said...

Thanks for posting about this show. I only wish I could see things like this around here. Gonna try to get my ass to NYC soon.