Colors Passing Through Us

                            Untitled, Blue GreenDeep    65x61inches. Oil on Linen 2018  



Spring Studio

It's been great working in my new space at the Ft. Andross Mill complex in Brunswick.  
Ceilings are high, floors easy underfoot, and the view - tho not what I'm accustomed to - is nice.  

The river flows, the work seems to as well...

                                    Untitled Green, 65 inches x 61 inches, oil on linen, 2018

                                    Untitled Yellow, 65 inches x 61 inches, oil on linen, 2018

                                   Untitled Blue, 65 inches x 61 inches, oil on linen, 2018


Exhibition | painting black

2 December 2017 - 4 March 2018

painting black
The non-color black is the arch-enemy of painters. The challenge: to battle with the antagonist or meditatively contemplate. The painter, Ivo Ringe curated the responses of 44 international artists of new Concrete Art from 10 nations from Europe and the USA whose work deals intensely with the color black. The list by nationality includes, 2 Belgians, 1 each, Swiss-American, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian and Swedish, 2 Dutch, 2 French, 8 British, 12 US-American and 13 German artists. Five works on display are directly from the SCHROTH COLLECTION.
Artist on display:
Tim Allen | Stefan Annerel | Katrina Blannin | Joe Barnes | Kate Beck | Mats Bergquist | Andrew Bick | Alain Biltereyst | Britta Bogers | Joaquim Chancho | Philippe Chitarrini | Vincent Como | Deb Covell | Rudolf de Crignis | Matthew Deleget | Edgar Diehl | Alan Ebnother | Rupert Eder | Mark Francis | Frank Gerritz | Jon Groom | Alison Hall | Mark Harrington | Michael Jäger | Raymund Kaiser | Matt McClune | László Ótto | Sybille Pattscheck | Anton Quiring | David Rhodes | Ivo Ringe | Rolf Rose | Barbara Rosengarth | Phil Sims | Elisabeth Sonneck | Shawn Stipling | Esther Stocker | Günter Umberg | Jan van der Ploeg | Victor Vasarely | Dolf Verlinden | Don Voisine | Joan Witek
The exhibition reflects an examination of the color black in all facets of materiality and actions of painterly craft: encaustic and charcoal, oil, as well as acrylic and collage as applied to nearly every type of modern support to reveal the vibrance and vastness of the exhibition’s theme. The Dutch artist Jan van der Ploeg has created a 10.5 x 14 foot wall painting in RAUM SCHROTH in answer to the challenge of painting black. The Stiftung Konzeptuelle Kunst (The Foundation for Conceptual Art) exhibits the results in RAUM SCHROTH in Museum Wilhelm Morgner from December 2, 2017 until March 4, 2018 for visitors to see Painting Black.
OpeningDecember 2nd, 2017 5 p.m.
December 2nd, 2017 to March 4th, 2018
ART ROOM SCHROTH in Musem Wilhelm Morgner
Thomästraße 1, D – 59494 Soest
Tus. trough Fri. 2 to 5 p.m.
Sat. + Sun. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Free entry December 2017!


autumnal equinox

                      new season
                      new digs
                      new paint


kate beck   untitled painting   oil mineral on aluminum panel   2016


Collaborative Project with Brito.Rodriguez Arquitectura

Our project Site Pavilion for the artist Kate Beck was published...

N 43.71453
W 70.00282

"The mind cannot always live in a 'divine ether'.  The lark cannot always sing at heaven's gate. There must exist a place to spring from -- a refuge from the heights, an anchorage of thought.."
- Wallace Stevens

I am a painter.
And maybe even, when I am lucky, a poet.
I live and work by the sea on a quiet shore on the coast of Maine. Here within an extremity of elements, my perceptions are dictated by the very real architectonics of nature -- waves, reflections, refractions, meanderings -- vital motions -- delineating and enveloping an existence. I have been beneath these skies, walking these beaches, swimming in this cold salt water my entire life. This is my place.

Two years ago, I made the acquaintance of Inês Martins de Brito and Gilberto Rodriguez, principals in the studio of Brito.Rodriguez in Lisbon, Portugal. I was instantly smitten by the kindred devotion to place and to humanity as evidenced in their eloquently integrated expressions of architecture and landscape. In these ensuing months, we have entered into a collaborative project together, designed purely around the axis of personal response to our shared sensibilities and works, the sensory experience of place bound by a far-reaching sea.

As the culmination of our collaborative project, Brito.Rodriguez has designed Site Pavilion for me, an off-shore pavilion on the outer reaches of Jaquish Island, here in Harpswell, Maine. This single, reaching architectural gesture manifests in contrasting materials of steel, water and bedrock creating a place of intimacy, reflection and contemplation amongst the extreme elements of nature and the sea.

I am most honored and privileged to share in this extraordinary sensorial experience which speaks directly to me, and of me, embracing the components of vital motion that I strive to attain in my large painted and drawn surfaces.

Architecture as an emotive embodiment of light and land mass; an interstice, perhaps, between the collective whole and the resounding context.

I am always attracted to the white field.
The painting is always whole.

Thank you, Inês and Gilberto.

-Kate Beck
WhiteSpot Studio
Harpswell, Maine USA
February 2015

A place between elements of nature
A path leads one through elements of vegetation towards the edge of the island.  A gentle slope pulls you into the ground and the emotion of space is activated by movement and delineated where the sea, bedrock and vegetation all meet.
Reduced to a singular gesture, it is a subtle yet firm intervention, allowing for solitude between walls.  A place where a natural pool of water and light are discovered.  This is a place of isolation with your thoughts and memories, a small refuge within a remarkable landscape.
The Site Pavilion is a sensorial experience between contrasting materials of steel, water and bedrock, a place open to nature's subtle nuances of fresh light, reflections, scents, air and sounds of crashing waves.
Architecture has emerged from the crevices of the landscape.
The poetics of silence and the emotion in architecture.
A pavilion for the artist Kate Beck.


NEW YEAR :: New Painting

                                Untitled       Oil, Charcoal, Mineral on Wood Panel, 10 x 10 inches         ©Kate Beck, 2014



Dominique-Levy, New York, NY






Jacqueline Humphries, 41/14, 2014 and Untitled, 2014 (installation view, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York). Collection of the artist; courtesy Greene Naftali Gallery, New York. Photograph by Bill Orcutt


Laura Owens, Untitled, 2013 (detail). Oil, Flashe, acrylic, bike wheels, training wheels, wagon wheels, and tricycle wheel on linen, 108 × 84 in. (274.3 × 213.4 cm), Private collection; courtesy the artist and Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York. Photograph by Tom Powel.


Amy Sillman, Mother, 2013-14. Oil on canvas, 91 × 84 in. (231.1 × 213.4 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy Sikkema Jenkins Co., New York. Photograph by John Berens


Charline von Heyl, Folk Tales, 2013. Acrylic, ink,wax, charcoal and collage on paper, each: 24 × 19 in. 61 × 48.3 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Petzel, New York. Photo: Jason Mandella


100 DRAWINGS, 100 GESTURES :: MODERN STRUCTURE with BERG, JONES, SARVIS Dance at Portland Museum of Art

The dancing body has long been a subject matter for drawing. If one can consider line as the trace of a point in motion, the very act of dance becomes a drawing in itself -- an insertion of line into time and the three-dimensional space of our lived world; the motion of marking surface.

Modern dance trio Berg Jones & Sarvis highlight the physicality of both drawing and choreography as they perform in collaboration with my expansive work, Modern Structure, an installation of 100 graphite drawings on paper and wood panels at the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine. 

Berg Jones & Sarvis ::

Modern dancers Berg, Jones & Sarvis perform nationally and are known for their sardonic, physical, and unpredictable trios. Their large, site-specific pieces for 'non-dancers' are legendary.


From Memory :: Layered Graphite Drawings

What is there to say about a mark on a paper? 
Hand moves,  material responds, white space is changed.

angel posture       4 inches x 4 inches  graphite on Somerset, 2013

white.beat       4 inches x 4 inches  graphite on Somerset, 2013

tin plane      4 inches x 4 inches  graphite on Somerset, 2013

memory situation      4 inches x 4 inches  graphite on Somerset, 2013

all boats float       4 inches x 4 inches  graphite on Somerset, 2013



Five of my paintings and drawings are included in this exhibition curated by Piet Augustijn, along with artists Alexandra Roozen, Jose Heerkens and many others in wonderful Holland.  
At Gorcums Museum -- Opening February 9, 2013  

Between the color bombings of recent art, the museum with a presentation of artworks in black and / or white. More than thirty artists show the possibilities with this 'colors', of 9 February t / m 19 May 2013. The exhibition is also the departure of Peter Augustine, Curator of Contemporary Art Museum of the Gorcums.

Not only the 60s are the basis of the exhibition.The title is also a metaphor for the black-and-white thinking in society and especially the art.The many nuances in both black and white give the nuance of color, but also of opinions see. The exhibition is also the departure of Peter Augustine as curator of contemporary art at the museum since 1995 is connected.

 thru May 19, 2013