Five of my paintings and drawings are included in this exhibition curated by Piet Augustijn, along with artists Alexandra Roozen, Jose Heerkens and many others in wonderful Holland.  
At Gorcums Museum -- Opening February 9, 2013  

Between the color bombings of recent art, the museum with a presentation of artworks in black and / or white. More than thirty artists show the possibilities with this 'colors', of 9 February t / m 19 May 2013. The exhibition is also the departure of Peter Augustine, Curator of Contemporary Art Museum of the Gorcums.

Not only the 60s are the basis of the exhibition.The title is also a metaphor for the black-and-white thinking in society and especially the art.The many nuances in both black and white give the nuance of color, but also of opinions see. The exhibition is also the departure of Peter Augustine as curator of contemporary art at the museum since 1995 is connected.

 thru May 19, 2013