FLUXUS :: ensemble et al

In a Crowded Room with Nothing to Think About

A melancholy, simple, meditative composition written by Ron Tucker 
for his chamber percussion group, 

In a Crowded Room with Nothing to Think About by waltertucker

Ron Tucker
with my painting, Anxieties + Alienations
and a nice shirt...

ensemble, et al. is a Brooklyn-based pseudo-classical percussion ensemble

performing their debut here at Pelavin Gallery
during my solo exhibition, Conditions of Existence, October 2010 

I am so honored and pleased to share this with them

The group combines the structure and instrumentation of classicism and modernism with an 
emotional aesthetic commonly heard in post-punk-indie rock. 

melancholy...  meditative...  reflective...  minimal...

...a perfect flow...

Inspired by artists such as amiina, Clogs and Rachel's and influenced by contemporary 
composers like Arvo Part, Philip Glass and Steve Reich, ensemble, et al.'s music aspires to be 
simple, intimate, elegant and delicately beautiful. 

Thank you, Ron