Paler Shade of Gray

This being the inaugural post of my new web blog, I want to open with a shot of brand new 2008 color, Gray.1.3.08 , taken from my front yard in January. The new routine is shooting the morning sky just before daybreak from approximately the same location, at approximately the same time. So why am I compelled to step into these frigid winter mornings -- just out of bed, still in my socks, camera ready? I admit, I've attracted some interest from my husband and my dog. And, I think they are beginning to like it.
My cohort, Fiona Robinson http//:www.fionarobinson.info/
and I have been discussing the grays that we each create and bring to our work. We both adhere to fairly traditional drawing technique and perspective -- a commonality in our painting. Grays are of course a big topic: it is a foundation color of choice, from which we compose all surface and luminosity. Especially Fiona. Her grays tend to range from blues to yellows to reds, I think it's safe to say, while my own are much more neutral and hover in umber-ish territory. My approach is purposely conservative. I am concerned with creating a surface which the eye can easily sustain. That is, look at and 'see' with ease. I want my grays to temp you, persuade you to linger at the surface. When more light is captured within the surface hue and stabilized -- not released back-- I believe it is a purer and more powerful experience. An involuntary incentive for the viewer to experience the painting. This is why I often refer to my work as being performative: I seek to elicit a dynamic, physical response from the viewer. What else is there?
If you still need convincing, take a look at the paintings of Alfonso Fratteggiani Bianchi, which just came down my art feed cyber-pipe from Charlotte Jackson Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico http://www.charlottejackson.com/ Fratteggiani Bianchi hand rubs pure pigment directly onto Italian limestone, creating what appears to be -- from this limited perspective -- incredibly pure-hued paintings. The light is locked into the color on the surface of the stone and very seductive to the eye. My eyes are hungry...

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Fiona said...

I love your muting greys falling down the page. How can you bear to get up so early? I am not sure I would say that I use reds, it is more a suspicion of something like Permanent Rose which warms up the grey when I mix it.