100 DRAWINGS, 100 GESTURES :: MODERN STRUCTURE with BERG, JONES, SARVIS Dance at Portland Museum of Art

The dancing body has long been a subject matter for drawing. If one can consider line as the trace of a point in motion, the very act of dance becomes a drawing in itself -- an insertion of line into time and the three-dimensional space of our lived world; the motion of marking surface.

Modern dance trio Berg Jones & Sarvis highlight the physicality of both drawing and choreography as they perform in collaboration with my expansive work, Modern Structure, an installation of 100 graphite drawings on paper and wood panels at the Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine. 

Berg Jones & Sarvis ::

Modern dancers Berg, Jones & Sarvis perform nationally and are known for their sardonic, physical, and unpredictable trios. Their large, site-specific pieces for 'non-dancers' are legendary.


annell4 said...

Thank you for the post!

annell4 said...

Makes me think of some photos I saw at a museum some years ago, of Picasso, with some kind of light, making gestures, captured in photography, becoming lines in space...light against dark.