Beyond the Boundary :: Clytie Alexander

Clytie Alexander NM 67 Blue, Ink on Glassine, 36 x 24, Courtesy of Betty Cunningham Gallery March, 2009

I have been captivated by Clytie Alexander's pristinely ordered painted planes on view in her exhibit, Diaphans, at Betty Cuningham Gallery in Chelsea. The work consists of minimal, elegantly constructed surfaces which embrace a sensitive and austere perception of light, color and space. In the foyer, framed ink drawings on translucent Glassine paper, hover beneath plexi panels and layers of the reflective, shimmery paper.

Clytie Alexander Diaphan 41 White/White, acrylic aluminum, 48 x 34, 2009 courtesy of Betty Cuningham Gallery

In the main gallery, her Diaphans hang by metal bars just away from the wall support. These are process oriented renderings constructed of paper-thin sheet metal, randomly punched through with holes, and painted on each side with tonal variations of acrylic paint.

Clytie Alexander Diaphans 48 x 34 inches, acrylic aluminum, 2006 Installation view courtesy Greenfield Sacks Gallery

The installation of the panels allows light to travel through and around the uniformly sized surfaces. With gentle fluctuations of color, light source and air flow, the essence of the work is continually and subtly in flux.

Clytie Alexander Diaphan 18 Blue/ Ultramarine 34 x 35 inches, 2007 Courtesy of Betty Cuningham Gallery

The effect is powerful: a muting of edge and therefore a questioning of the architecture of defined space, controlled by the presence or absent of light. Go see it.

Clytie Alexander, Diaphans

Betty Cuningham Gallery
541 West 25th Street
February 5 - March 14, 2009


Jeffrey Collins said...

Wow. thanks for letting me know about this Kate. Looks like a great show.

Diane McGregor said...

Kate, I was wishing I could go to NYC to see this show, but alas, stuck here in Santa Fe. Thank you so much for your synopsis -- I love her work, particularly the "white" pieces.