Ideas of Housing: Christine Hiebert

Brooklyn-based artist Christine Hiebert 's drawings have been speaking to me for a long time. Her very sensitive and powerful marks explore spacial tension, spontaneity and structure, all elements which I am greatly interested in. Her drawings -- from works on paper to gigantic wall drawings -- are personally evocative in an almost primal sense as they explore the relationships between humanity and physical space. To reference:

Untitled 2004

movement and vision

at Gallery Joe, Philadelphia, PA 2004

awareness and eloquence

Untitled 2003

fragility and strength

Untitled 2004

intuition and intellect

at Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, 2005

physicality and other-worldliness

in her Brooklyn, NY studio

" If a house is the physical place where I live, where I feel at home," she writes," then my drawings constitute metaphysical houses that allow for the kind of mental living I need to do. That mental living is full of hesitations, fits and starts in my thinking as well as the determination to process headlong into something unknown."

Untitled 2004

Hiebert's surfaces give us cause to think of who we are and how we define our own existence -- the lines within which we live and formulate 'home'-- an architecture of humanity.

Thanks, Christine

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Jen Bradford said...

These are wonderful - thanks for the introduction.